How to Add Team Members

The Team tab allows inviting team members to be a part of a website project wherein members can create resources and collaborate on the website project files. Once you add a team member to your website project, all the current website project resources created will be automatically shared with them.

You can also manage how team members interact with your website project’s members by assigning different roles for each member. There are three primary role levels in a team:

  • Owner - can invite/add members, switch roles, and revoke members' access to the website project.
  • Admin - can invite/add members and revoke members' access to the website project.
  • Member - can only access the website project's resources.

Note: Team collaboration feature is only available on paid subscription plans (Personal, Professional, Agency)

To add a team member via invitation, click on the Invite User button in the upper right corner of the Team tab.

On the Add Collaborators page, enter your team member's email address with whom you would like to share your website project and click on the Send Invitation button.

The user's email address will receive an email notification to accept or decline the invitation to join your website project.

After sending the invitation, you will see the option to check the status of the invited member’s email address with whom you shared your website project under the Invited menu link in the left menu panel.

On this screen, you will have the option to either re-send or cancel the invitation email link through the Re-send and Revoke Invite link.

Once the invited member's email address accepts the invitation, you will see the member's email address under the Collaborators menu link in the left menu panel.

Siter will give everyone you invite a provisional Admin role. If you wish to switch the role of a particular member, click on the role dropdown and choose from either Admin or Member role.

If you want to remove a particular member from the Collaborators list, click on the Remove Access link next to the member's email address, and the member will be automatically removed.

Remember that this will prevent the member from accessing any team members and resources on the website project. However, Siter keeps their contributions or changes to the website project, including files and other resources.

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