How to Delete a Website

Deleting a website project in Siter removes all files and other resources from your Sites dashboard. This means you will never be able to edit, manage or publish them to a particular domain, either to the free domain or your custom domain. 

If you are certain that you want to delete your website project from Siter, click on the vertical dots icon located at the lower right corner of the website project's box and click on the Delete link from the dropdown menu. 

Note: This feature is only available on paid subscription plans (Personal, Professional, Agency).

A modal window will pop up confirming the deletion of the website project. If you wish to proceed, click on the Remove button. Otherwise, click on the Cancel button.

Once the deletion of the website project succeeds, you will not be able to see the deleted website project from your website list under the Sites dashboard.

Alternatively, you can also delete your website project by clicking on the Settings tab and then clicking on the Delete Site menu link in the left menu panel.

To proceed with the deletion of your website project, tick on the Yes, I want to delete this website checkbox and then click on the Delete button below it.

Note: Make sure you understand the outcome before deleting a website project. Siter will give you only two weeks after deleting the website to recover your data. After that, the website will be permanently deleted.

If you were unable to delete your website project, you can contact support for help.

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