How to Customize Website Project Title and Website Icon/Favicon

Siter names every new website project you create by your username combined with the word site. This can be customized to something that's unique and related to your project's goal or purpose that better explains the contents of your website.  

Although unique names for website projects are not required, they do make it simpler to search for and locate them in the Sites list.

Meanwhile, a Favicon or Website Icon is a small image or logo which can be seen next to the website title in the browser tabs and serves as branding for a website. You can quickly generate your favicon or website icon through several free favicon generator websites online. 

To customize the Siter Website Project Title and Website Icon, click on the Settings tab and then click on the General menu link in the left menu panel.

To upload a Website Icon, click on the Upload New Image button and select your website’s image or logo from your local computer. Siter accepts PNG, JPG, and SVG file types with at least 70x70px size. However, for optimal results, your image should be 260x260px or more.

Once your image or logo has been uploaded, you will see the website icon preview next to the Upload New Image button.

To change your website project's title, enter the title of your choice inside the Title input field below the Upload New Image button.

Lastly, to save your changes, click on the Save Changes button. 

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