How to Add Facebook App-ads

Facebook App Ads offers app-driven advertisement solutions to help you grow your business. It helps you get more people to promote your app and convert them into repeat users or customers. App ads enable you to showcase your products and services across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network.

In addition, the App Ads help you find new users that will likely download your app, re-engage existing users to take and repeat specific actions or allow them to test your app before they download it. 

Siter enables you to add insert properties related to your Facebook App Ads account to /app-ads.txt.

To insert properties for accessing /app-ads.txt, click on the Settings tab and then click on the Facebook App-ads.txt menu link in the left menu panel. 

Next, to add Facebook to your app-ads.txt with app IDs, copy and paste the properties of your app ads to the properties Textarea box and click on the Save Changes button to update your Facebook App-ads.txt.

As an example:, app ID, RESELLER, c3e20eee3f780d68.

If you are unsure where to navigate your Facebook App Ads information, please visit Facebook App Ads and App Dashboard documentation to learn more.  

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