How to Change the Style and Position of the Promotion Icon

Siter gives you all the necessary tools to build a stunning website right out of the box. However, your website project will have a compulsory promotion icon once published if you have a Free subscription account. 

To have the feature to hide the Siter promotion icon from your published website, you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription plan (Personal, Professional, Agency).

Nevertheless, Siter allows you to change the style and position the promotion icon regardless of your current subscription plan. 

To change the style and position of the promotion icon for your website project, click on the Settings tab and then click on the Promote Icon menu link in the left menu panel. 

By default, the promotion icon is in the Original style and positioned on the website screen's left side. 

Siter gives you three design styles that you can choose from Original, White, and Black. On the other hand, for the position of the promotion icon, you can choose from either Left or Right. To save your settings, click the Save Changes button below the promotion icon settings. 

If you upgraded to the paid subscription plan and wished to hide the promotion icon on your live website, toggle off the promotion icon by clicking on the toggle icon next to the Promote Icon label and clicking on the Save Changes button to save your settings. 

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