How to Edit Pages

Siter allows you to customize existing webpage settings such as the page title, page description, page link (also known as page slug), and page preview image. With this, you can ensure that each has all the relevant information and settings and get your website ranked higher on search engines.

When you create a new webpage for your website project, Siter will require you to enter your preferred values for each of these settings manually. 

To edit the page settings of an existing webpage, click on the three vertical dots icons on the lower right corner of the page that you want to edit and click on the Settings link. 

From here, you can customize the current page title, page description, page link, and page preview image by entering and uploading new values for each field. 

For the image preview, it is recommended to use at least 640×315px (1280×630px for best results).

You can also set the current page that you are currently editing as the homepage by clicking on the checkbox next to the Make Home page and publish label.

Once you are done editing the page settings, click on the Save Changes button.

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