Components are elements you can reuse across your entire project. You can create components from any layers or groups you've created.

Create component

Select all the layers you'd like to include in the component then right-click on your selection and choose Create component.

A component could be easily identified because it gets a purple stroke and a unique icon just close to the component name.

Components library

All the components can be easily found in the Layers/Components section, which could be accessed by pressing the layers icon from the bottom left corner.

Choose the Components tab to see all the created components.

Click on the desired component and just drag it into the desired place.

Master component

Not happy with the component style? Adjust any properties to the main component (master component).

Forget where is the master component? Don’t worry, right-click on the component and choose Go to master component.

All the created components could be used in the entire project, no matter on which page it’s supposed to be placed.

Detach instance

Detach any instance from its main component.

  1. Right-click menu
    Right-click on the component and choose Detach instance.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts
    Mac: Shift + Command + G

    Windows: Shift + Ctrl + G

This is useful if you want to make changes to the component that wouldn’t be affected by any edits on the master component, in fact, after this, it becomes a unique new set of layers.

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