Feeling limited with the Siter selection of fonts? No problem, there is a possibility to upload your font or event font families to your new or current project.

Choose your site and press on the Settings menu this will redirect to a page with a bunch of options.

The first option from the Settings menu is called General this allows changing the website icon and site title, but for adding new fonts we need to switch to Fonts, press on the fourth option from the navigation box.

Press the green Upload button and choose the desired font from the device.

Once the font is uploaded apply any edits to Font Family name, Font Weight, and/or Style, once happy with the result press the blue button Add Font.

Uploaded this by mistake? Don’t worry, press the X (delete) icon this action will remove your upload.

The uploaded font will be converted to WOFF (Web Open Font Format), which compresses the file and is supported by all modern browsers.

Would like to edit the Font Family name, Font Weight, and/or Style, or just want to Delete Font? Press on the tooltip button and choose the desired action.

Or just upload even the entire font family.

Go back to Pages, choose the current created page or add a new one, add a new Text (T) or select the used one and you'll see your uploaded font in the font library.

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